Hello there.

I’m Candace, also know as Candy, and maybe a few other monikers.

I miss my purple hair!

I’m never been great at writing bios for myself but here it goes….
I’m a 30-something year old that’s put down roots (for the time being) in northeast Georgia, after roughly 10 years of bouncing around metro-Atlanta like a ping pong ball and growing tired of “city life”.

I grew up in southern West Virginia, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, and left my home state permanently after college to find work, much like the majority of mountain raised children in the state.  Growing up in Appalachia colors your world view a bit, I’ve seen the effects of poverty, long-term unemployment, and drug addiction on one hand, and the ability to adapt, generosity of spirit, and driven work-ethic on the other.  For the most part, it has left me with the ability to find good in anyone, the willingness to help when and where I can, and to work hard knowing that it will pay off in the end.

These days I live with two cats in a 100+ year old house on the edge of a small yet growing town.  I work for a company that does environmental due diligence for federal undertakings.  I get to travel now and then.  I enjoy my life!

I have had a full blown coffee addiction since my junior year of high school.  Teachers would even tease me when I would stumble into my morning classes with a travel tumbler bigger than theirs.  It’s an addiction I don’t plan on recovering from any time soon.

I started crocheting as a kid after watching my great grandmother and mother twist yarn around a little stick and turn it into something beautiful or useful.  Knitting came much later when the woman whom I was assigned to during a college internship decided I needed to learn this craft.  She created a monster.  Knitting has turned into a form of meditation at home, a social activity that has brought many a good friend into my life, and fulfills the need to create things.

This blog was fired up in 2017, as a place to ramble on about yarn and life.  Not long after its birth, a good friend and yarn shop owner asked me to start teaching at her shop, and Coffee and Wool began to evolve into a side job and long term passion project.

Posts will vary from day to day life, knitting projects, cooking experiments, travel adventures, product reviews, and the occasional opinion piece.  So if you’re into that type of thing, hang around.